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Welcome to Skylark Public School

” I am extremely delighted to welcome you warmly to SKYLARK PUBLIC SCHOOL, Waidhan, Ghurital. Which is dedicated to inculcate strong moral values, qualities of integrity, honesty, creativity, imagination, perseverance, benevolence, discipline, self-confidence, transparency of thoughts and command over communication skills in all its students besides academic excellence. “

Our School

Skylark is packed with creativity, imagination, discipline

Best Libraries

Our libraries are among the best, including 5,20 new periodicals

First on Knowledge

Skylark’s research activity involves more than 70 departments

Knowledge Awards

School is committed to helping its students become well-educated

Why Choose Skylark?

A School Dedicated To Your Success
Our campus is beautiful, complete with towering green trees and brick buildings.
Whether you are a prospective student or already taking classes, feel free to explore and see what makes “the campus on the hill” so special.
What We Do Here
Our Views For Students Good Education